Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 1 In Haiti

(Sorry about the delay, the Internet was down so we couldn't post last night)

Colonial Family and Friends – what an amazing first day here in Haiti.  With just a couple of hitches along the way God showed His faithfulness and desire to have us all here with just what we need to serve Him the way He wants to be served.  That was made known to us over and over again throughout the day.  What an awesome God we serve!  Parents – kids are safe and have been drinking TONS of water.  J  Food is wonderful.  Our kids are loving the Haitian kids in a way personally that I have never seen.  There’s no better testimony than what Molly’s given us in the preceding paragraphs.

Praise and Glory to the God of the Nations.

Love to all,
Doug Freeman

Here we go! After all this time, waiting is finally over! And after only being in Haiti for eleven hours, God has already worked in huge, beyond amazing ways!! I want to share with you the big way that God surprised me within the last few hours. So let’s start in the beginning…at 5 am we were up, ready to go. As the morning went on, we faced being tired and facing a few minor delays- things that weren’t dramatic, but still get under your skin. I was feeling fairly good and alive, thinking about what it would be like when I got to Haiti. And of course there are good thoughts and bad thoughts. I was not nervous but I was getting frustrated, I suppose, because I found myself constantly thinking about me, myself and I. How I felt in my groups…how I felt in this situation…and how I felt then..etc. And what I really wanted to get rid of these selfish desires and fully focus on God. I wanted to trust God, thank him constantly, and not have any distractions; however that is not at all where I was at 8am. So I began writing, praying and confessing my sin to the Lord -begging Him to make my heart pure and heal me. And guess what…He did! And He did it in ways I have never expected! He never fails and today proved that once again to me. God healed me through the smiles of the least of these, the orphans. As my group went from place to place, I got to be a kid again. I was dancing, singing, getting my hair done, and giving piggy backs with the precious children of God in Haiti. Because God heard me and God is in control, I was fully able to focus and love on these kids 110%. Even though there is a language barrier here, God broke down that wall and allowed me and others of the team fully love these kids and fully embrace the presence of God. As you can see, I cannot fully explain why or how God healed me, but the fact is, He did. This transformation could never have happened without Him. At the end of the day there are a millions ways I could tell this story and try to explain the divine works of the Lord, but none of them can fully describe it. Just remember from my experience, that God hears, God takes our weakness and sin and heals it, and give us more than we can ever imagine!! It leaves me awe struck. This is just one of the ways that God has already met me as I have been traveling and experiencing Haiti and I cannot wait for the days to come. I’m absolutely filled with the Spirit, waiting for Him to work!

Much Love,
Molly Pitkin

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  1. Thanks so much Molly for sharing your heart!! And so many others that shared theirs too!! It has been so neat to read the posts and get to see how God is working in and through each of you everyday!! I am so glad the youth had this wonderful opportunity to go to Haiti!